Our Services

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NHI specialises in delivering practical advice on hospitality service standards and operational improvements. This incorporates sales and marketing; business development; food and beverage operations; human resources; financial, PMS and computer systems reviews.

Practical emphasis is placed on the implementation of sales and marketing procedures and standard operating templates, as well as strategic planning guidelines to ensure your hotel and team members can continue to progress and prosper for years to come.

Services and Provisions for Recommendations based on Comprehensive Analysis

  • Tourism Destination Analysis and Marketing Services
  • Hotel Opening Planning Advice
  • Human Resources Review and Recommendation
  • Develop Plan for Training Needs 
  • Food & Beverage Operations Review and Recommendation
  • Rooms Division Operations Review and Recommendation
  • Sales & Marketing Plan Analysis, Recommendation and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development Recommendation
  • Public Relations Needs and Recommendation
  • Financial Management System Analysis and Recommendation
  • Asset Management Services
  • Property Management System Review and Recommendation
  • Computer System Selection and Implementation
  • Hotel Data Network Design and Management
  • Project Management Needs and Implementation
  • Interim General Management
  • Senior Management Mentoring 
  • Non Bias Review/Opinion Analysis of Hotel Performance Dynamics & Potential Before Purchase
  • Full Hotel Operational Review & Recommendation