Our Services

NHI specialises in strategic business development, operational and financial advice for hotels and tourism-related enterprises. The consultancy’s aim is to provide cost effective and practical solutions to improve service goals and operating systems. We also focus on bottom line performance reviews, Greenfield feasibility studies and asset analysis services to help with interim management solutions.

How We Can Help

Whether you are a small enterprise in need of executive mentoring or a large property looking to revaluate your sales and marketing strategy/food and beverage operations, NHI is adept at the re-positioning of both remote and city hotels with realistic solutions and quantifiable results. Our strategic planning guidelines ensure that your team will continue to prosper for years to come.

About Us

Founded in 2010 by Nick Israel, the former international hotel GM brings more than 30 years of hotelier experience to NHI, having run the spectrum of 500+ room business hotels to deluxe resort properties for global brands that include Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces, Hilton, Millennium & Copthorne Hotel Group, Ramada and Accor, as well as independent hotels across Australia and Asia Pacific.